Another cat watches on as white cat Moon vanishes
© Sarah Nelson-McGuinness - Facebook

Cat is hidden in the Christmas tree: only 7% of people can find him right away

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The owner of 13-week-old kitten ‘Moon’ ‘struggled’ to find her cat after the playful animal found a place to hide in which she was perfectly camouflaged.

Owner Sarah Nelson McGuiness from Liverpool puzzled over the sudden disappearance of white cat Moon. But eventually Ms McGuiness realised that the cat had hidden in the Christmas tree, which just so happened also to be white.

To make matters worse, McGuiness had adorned the tree with white decorations. As soon as Moon leapt up onto one of the branches it vanished.

Shared on social media

McGuiness found the whole thing so hilarious that she shared pictures of her tree on social media and asked her buddies to ‘spot the cat’. 

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She told the Mail Online, “I shared it online for a bit of fun. Friends have messaged saying ‘please tell me where is she’, because it was racking their brains.

“Some have spent over ten minutes looking for her and said it is driving them mad.”

Have you found Moon yet? If you need a hint, look at the reindeer placed on the tree which is on the right hand side of the sitting cat. Then look right above that reindeer. You'll see Moon staring straight back at you!

white cat hiding in white christmas tree

Talk about camouflage! ©Sarah Nelson-McGuinness - Facebook

Favourite spot

Moon is a recent addition to the family, and loves to climb and sleep in the most awkward of places. She seems to be relishing her first Christmas among the baubles and tinsel.

According to McGuiness, Moon has even fallen asleep in the tree on more than one occasion. The family’s 7ft offering is, for any cat, the perfect place to head to find peace and quiet (and some meow time away from the festivities).

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