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Watch: Golden Retriever puppy makes sure his sisters get on the school bus

Dog waiting by school bus dog-happy
© Melissa Nixon - Facebook

A Golden Retriever always makes sure his human sisters get on the school bus safely. Now the cute trio's mum has shared a video of their adorable morning routine!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 14/12/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Like most Golden Retriever puppies, Bentley is a little bundle of energy. Every day is a play day, and he lives his life like one big adventure.

However, there's one duty that he takes very, very seriously. And that's looking after his two human sisters, six-year-old Kylie and five-year-old McKenna. 

Bentley gets serious

So every weekday morning, without fail, Bentley gets serious by walking his little humans down to the school bus. He then sits guard as the pair climb aboard. And Bentley doesn't move until the bus drives off into the distance, refusing to resume playtime until it's out of sight!

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Melissa Nixon, 33, from Amherst, New York, is the proud mum of this super-cute trio. Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: 

"The funny thing is that with him being energetic and playful, he takes his job of walking the kids to the bus very seriously! He sits strong and still until he makes sure the kids are safe, and then he turns back into his goofy self!"

Cutest thing ever!

Melissa filmed Bentley's heartwarming routine and shared the footage on social media. It received over 2K Likes, as well as hundreds of comments from dog lovers. 

 "Literally, the cutest thing I've ever seen," wrote one viewer. 

"Another reason I love Goldens so much! How very sweet!" posted another.