Man visits dog at shelter

Shelter dog cowers in fear until he recognises stranger in front of him

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Roscoe was homeless when a rescue shelter took him in. He struggled to connect with people, and his future looked bleak until he spotted a friendly face from his past.

Roscoe, the dog, had been living on the street for three years, surviving on scraps given to him by residents, when he was finally taken to the Washington Country TN Animal Shelter

No one seemed to know where the poor dog had come from or who owned him.

Solitary pup

Once he was at the shelter, Roscoe, who was named by shelter staff, seemed to prefer to be on his own. It was evident that he didn’t trust humans, and unlike many of the dogs who came to the shelter, he struggled to connect with the shelter staff.

But the shelter didn’t want to give up on Roscoe, so they decided to see if they could find out more about him and what had led him to end up on the streets. They posted on their Facebook page to see if anyone recognised the dog.

Happy reunion

The shelter was put in touch with a man who had lost his dog three years earlier after the pup disappeared from the family farm. While the man had always hoped to be reunited with his dog, he didn’t believe it would happen. After all, his home was some distance from where Roscoe was found. But he decided to visit the shelter to see.

As the man stood in front of Roscoe’s pen, he couldn’t believe his eyes. In front of him was his beloved dog Runt, who he hadn’t seen for three years. It took the dog a little longer, studying the man with suspicion.

But he soon realised who he was, and his fear turned to utter joy. Within moments, this once reclusive and unfriendly dog was all over the man, allowing himself to be stroked and cuddled for the first time in three years.

Runt is now back home with his family and has never been so happy.

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