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Lost dog found after 4 years, but microchip reveals cold truth about owner

A dog wandering a Clarksville neighbourhood for a year and a half has finally been sheltered. A celebrity in his own right, Patches tale is one worthy of a Disney adaptation.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 26/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

It was 2010 when Patches' owner reported him ‘missing’. And missing he was good and proper. In fact, the owner was certain he would never see his Australian Shepherd again.

In 2014 in another part of town a dog turned up out of the blue. He was not the fairest of them all, nor the friendliest, but he never once posed a danger to passers-by; all this dog wanted was to be left alone.

A predicament of sorts

And alone he was left until one day in 2015, a resident of Clarksville noticed the dog had caught his paw in his collar, and was struggling to walk.

A local shelter worker, Jeanette Ferrell, was called to assist, but even with her gentle coaxing the dog shunned offers to free him from his tangle.

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Eventually, fuelled by determination and concern for the dog’s welfare, Ms Ferrell caught the dog and brought him to the safety of her shelter.

The chip reveals all

Ferrell and her team were astonished by the detail contained within Patches’ chip. Accordingly, the dog had been reported missing in 2010 but his original owner had since been banned from dog ownership due to his temperament and past offences.

Ferrell now hopes to find Patches his real forever home, and hopes that, this time, the proud dog is treated with the kindness he deserves.