Dog plays in the shallows: Minutes later, panicked owners call him back to them

Montage of the moment dog is chased by croc in Australia dog-serious
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A video posted online proves how easy it is for our beloved pooches to get into trouble. If you can’t reach your dog in time you won’t be able to save it from injury or death.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 03/07/2021, 07:30

A lesson learned quickly by two Australian dog owners this week. The couple’s dog was playing in the sea a few yards from Alau beach when suddenly it was confronted by a giant crocodile.

A holidaymaker called Hannah who was staying in Umagico, south of Cape York, Oz, filmed the moment the dog realised it was being stalked by the alpha predator.

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The croc gets close

Within seconds the giant croc had swum within yards of the dog, prompting passers-by on the beach to stop, watch, and will the dog to escape its certain fate.

As the deadly reptile got almost within striking distance, the dog leapt through the water and quickly landed on the beach, to the relief of its owners and onlookers.

Sense of relief

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Hannah said, “There were about 15 people on the bank watching it unfold and every single person had their hearts in their mouths.

“We all looked at each other afterwards with utter dismay and shock at what we had just witnessed.

“You watch David Attenborough on the screen and get nervous but to witness it in real life is absolutely heart stopping. Everyone was just so thankful it was a happy ending!”

ALWAYS keep your dog on a lead if you visit parks, or areas close to farms. Doing so will keep you, your dog and other animals safe. By leashing your dog you will also avoid nasty court summonses.

Watch the Ozzie drama unfold:

Croc chasing Dog

Nearly witnessed some Cape Carnage this morning 😬. Puppy dog nearly got taken by a croc 🐕🐊 Heart was pounding as we all tried to call the puppy back... #capeyork #capeyorkadventures #croc #closecall #crocwise ............................................................................. This video is exclusively managed by Kennedy News and Media. To license or use in a commercial player please contact [email protected]

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