Owner can’t stop laughing when she takes a closer look at picture of her dog

Golden Retriever and his owner dog-happy

Porter is a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy who has become an internet sensation, not for his cute little face or his big chocolate brown eyes, but his rear!

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 26/06/2021, 07:30

Alyssa Isabel is the proud owner of Porter a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy. Knowing how quickly dogs grow, Alyssa found a unique way to document her pup’s development.

From time to time she takes selfies of her holding Porter in her arms. As you might expect, any photos of Porter are bound to get everyone’s tails wagging. However, it was the pair’s latest photo that really grabbed everyone’s attention and not for Porter’s good looks or even how much he had grown.

Cheeky snap

When Alyssa took the photo she didn’t think anything of it, after all, she'd taken dozens of photos of Porter since she adopted him.

It was only much later when she was looking back at the snaps that she suddenly noticed something rather peculiar that she’d never noticed before.

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Her cute little pup appeared to have actual human-like buttocks. As Alyssa was holding Porter in her arms, the way you would hold a toddler, his bottom got squashed upwards, giving him butt cheeks.

Rear of the year

Alyssa thought the photo was so funny, she couldn’t resist sharing it on Twitter. Very soon, Porter’s rear had gone viral with internet users everywhere obsessed with the adorable puppy’s little behind.

We do think his face is much cuter though.