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Window cleaner encounters unexpected visitor on the other side of the glass

window cleaner cleans glass dog-happy
© arnie_pawlmer - Instagram

Arnie the Golden Retriever lives in Manhattan, New York, with his paw-rents. Because he lives in an apartment, Arnie spends a lot of his time staring out the window.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 07/09/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

And, living in a city, Arnie gets to see a lot of things! Recently, he made a special encounter that was caught on tape and instantly went viral.

High-rise hello

Indeed, a window cleaner was hanging from the building and scrubbing the glass of Arnie’s window clean. Arnie, in true Golden Retriever style, couldn’t be happier to see a human visitor, even if this one was certainly making an entrance in a very strange way.

Unphased, Arnie grabs one of his toys to proudly show it off to his new friend, tail and body happily wagging. The window cleaner acknowledges Arnie’s efforts and gives him a little socially distanced tap on the nose. Will you please excuse us as we squeal at how adorable this is?!

Window cleaner approves

The video has unsurprisingly gone viral since it was posted on Arnie’s Instagram. In fact, it spread so far and wide that even the window cleaner, named Rafael, stumbled upon it! He commented:

“Hey that’s me! Thanks for the video, I love your dog!”

So do we, Rafael, so do we.