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Watch: Adorable little dog moves rugs out of the way of Grandma’s wheelchair

Elderly lady and her small dogs dog-happy
© Ana Clara Simoes - Twitter

A little dog in Brazil has become an online star after a video clip of the thoughtful pup moving rugs out of the way of Grandma’s wheelchair went viral.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 18/08/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

We know that dogs are intelligent and caring animals but little Lili has surprised everyone with her thoughtfulness.

Two years ago, Ana Clara Simoes and her family adopted Lili and she quickly became a much-loved member of the family and a special companion to Ana’s 86-year-old grandmother. In fact, without being taught to do so, Lili took on the role of caretaker and ensures that nothing gets in the way of Grandma’s wheelchair.

Grandma's helper

While all the family are keen to help Grandma live a happy and fulfilling life, they were surprised to discover that little Lili had found her own unique way to help Grandma get around the house. Entirely unprompted and without being shown, Lili will quickly remove any rugs or mats that could be in the way of Grandma’s wheelchair.

The first time she did it, the family put it down to it just being a coincidence. But then they soon noticed that Lili did it every time Grandma wanted to pass through in her wheelchair.

Kind canine

In the cute clip, you can see Lili quickly grab the rugs and run off with them into another room to make sure the way is clear for Grandma’s wheelchair.

Lili’s kind-hearted behaviour has even rubbed off onto Grandma’s other dog, Lara, who has also begun to move the rugs out of the way. Unfortunately, Lili hasn’t yet taught herself how to put the rugs back where they were afterwards, but everyone agrees it’s the thought that counts.

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