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WATCH: Couple create fun bucket list for abandoned terminally ill dog

Golden Retriever dog-sad
© CBS Chicago - YouTube

When a terminally ill dog was found dumped, things were looking bleak for him. However, two kind strangers have made a bucket list to ensure he can enjoy his final weeks.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 28/07/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Jenny and Scott discovered the elderly Golden Retriever abandoned and all alone in a supermarket car park in Chicago and immediately took him to a local pet shelter. But the couple was heartbroken to discover that the dog had terminal cancer. The vets predicted that the poor pup, now named Theo, only had weeks left to live.

Theo, who is believed to be around 12 years old, was moved to hospice care to get all the care he needed in his final weeks. But the kind-hearted couple who had found him wanted to do more for him and ensure the dog's last few weeks were as happy as possible.

Bucket list

Jenny and Scott came up with the idea of creating a doggy-friendly bucket list for Theo that will see him having fun and being spoiled during his final weeks. So far the pooch has been taken on a trip through a restaurant drive-through, enjoyed a hamburger and ice cream, and had fun paddling in a pool in the sunshine.

In a heartwarming clip shared online, Theo can be seen having great fun splashing around and enjoying his hamburger snack.

There are three more adventures on Theo’s bucket list for him to do. He can look forward to visiting a fire station, a boat ride and a play date with a canine friend.

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