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Owner lost for words when she sees what her puppy's been freaking out about last night

Dog  upset by something in bed dog-wow
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When a dog owner is suddenly woken up by her dog barking late at night and goes to investigate, she can’t believe what has got her young pup so spooked!

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 22/02/2021, 06:30

At around 1 am, dog owner Taylor Eubanks was suddenly woken by barking from Nova, her 4-month-old puppy. As it was unusual for Nova to bark, Taylor checked the video camera from her phone to see what had upset the pup. She could see Nova staring at something on the ground and circling it. Not sure what the problem was and a little worried, Taylor decided to take a closer look.

However, she soon discovered that all was fine.

Intruder revealed!

While Nova had indeed woken to something unusual in her sleeping area, it wasn’t a snake or a bug.

When Taylor turned on the lights, what she discovered lying lifeless on the ground were bits of wool that Nova had pulled off her blanket! Taylor could only laugh at the true identity of Nova’s monster, especially as the pup was still circling the piece of wool.

Taylor realised that if she was going to get any sleep, she’d have to do something. She ‘bravely’ removed the wool monster from Nova’s bed and put it in the bin.

Caught on camera

Thankfully, that was the end of the excitement for the night.

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