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WATCH: Cat has the strangest way of thanking her owner for adopting her

Lulu the tabby cat cat-happy
© lulutheslippercat - Instagram

Cats are sometimes considered aloof and ungrateful, but when Lulu finally found her forever home, she began to show her appreciation in a very unique way.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 05/04/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 09/04/2021, 14:19

When Lulu the tabby cat arrived at the animal shelter, she wasn’t in good shape. Her fur was all matted and she had a number of health problems.

After spending a whole year at the shelter, she finally found her forever home when she met Kayla and her mum.

A new beginning

At 10 years old and with the health problems she had, Lulu was always overlooked by prospective adopters. But Kayla’s family fell in love with the little feline and decided to adopt her.

Happy in her new home, Lulu began to grow back her lovely fluffy coat and gained a new lease of life. But Lulu knew how lucky she’d been to find Kayla’s family and wanted to show her appreciation.

Surprise delivery

So one morning, Lulu brought Kayla’s mum a very sweet surprise.

Little Lulu carried her owner’s slipper all the way up the stairs to her bedroom. The cat proudly dropped the slipper right in front of Kayla’s mum, with a happy meow. She then disappeared to return with the other slipper.

Since then, it’s been a regular morning ritual. Lulu collects the slippers and brings them to her owner in the morning. She always makes two trips to ensure both slippers are delivered.

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