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Watch: Incredible cat performs Michael Jackson’s moonwalk

ginger and white cat in front of store cat-happy
© Patrick17andres - Youtube

Lockdown has got some of us feeling blue, but one thing’s for sure: nothing can turn a frown upside down like a funny cat video can, especially this one!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 14/04/2021, 06:30

It seems like hilarious pet videos are popping up everywhere since we’ve all been confined…

And we’re not complaining about it!

The cat of pop

The star of today’s video is a white and ginger tabby cat. It appears he is standing at the entrance of a store, when suddenly he begins to move his legs. But somehow, the cat walks in place, as if the ground was too slippery for him to move forward.

The genius part of this video is that it was paired with Michael Jackson’s infamous Billie Jean song – making the cat’s slippery stride look more like a moonwalk!

One happy kitty

The cat is interrupted at one point by a man who approaches him, but as soon as he is alone again, the feline resumes his dancing.

Was he trying to shed the pounds? Is he just a huge MJ fan? No-one knows, but clearly, this cat has talent!

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