Car hits a bin bag; passer-by looks inside and is horrified by what he finds

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It was around 2 months ago that a bin bag was discarded in the middle of a busy road in Corsica. Two cars passed the bag before it was picked up, turning the scene into a tragedy.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 19/12/2019, 18:00

The first car who drove past the bag only brushed the side of it, but the second hit it full force.

The most cruel abandonment

A good Samaritan who witnessed the scene decided to retrieve the bag and move it off the road so it would no longer be a risk to passing drivers.

As he picked it up, he was intrigued by the sheer weight of it and decided to look inside. When he discovered the contents of the bag, he was deeply shocked.

Inside were two puppies, one of them dead.

A silver lining

Thankfully the one life could be saved. The surviving pup was taken to a nearby shelter, where the blood of his sister was washed off him.

What a terribly cruel and unnecessary act! If someone is unable to care for their pets, then they should relinquish them to professionals, and certainly not throw them out in such a violent way.

Sadly, the criminal in this case was not found.

We are however comforted by the fact that the male puppy is now safe, healthy, and looking for a loving fur-ever home.


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