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No-one wants this shelter dog because of his "scary appearance"

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After spending six long months in a shelter, Biggie has almost given up on hoping to find a new home because people find his appearance ‘scary’.

Have you heard the expression, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? If only families visiting Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Connecticut would keep this in mind.

“Scary” appearance

Biggie was abandoned seven months ago and taken to the shelter in the hope of finding him a new home. But despite his friendly nature, he’s continuously overlooked because of his cropped ears and large size, which some people find intimidating.

Over the six months he’s been at the shelter, Biggie has gone from enthusiastic and hopeful to sadness and despair.

Staff at the shelter say he’s a gentle giant, eager for affection and companionship. However, potential adopters frequently tell them his size, colour, or perceived scary appearance put them off.

Hope for Biggie

Shelter staff are determined to help the big softie and have been actively promoting his loving personality on social media – sadly, their efforts so far have met with limited success.

Despite his disappointment, everyone is hopeful that the right family will see past his looks and embrace him for the wonderful dog he is. He gets on well with other animals and is open to meeting potential siblings.

While finding Biggie a permanent loving home has been challenging, shelter staff are determined not to give up. They believe that somewhere out there is a family is willing to accept Biggie and they won’t stop until they find it.

Good luck, Biggie!

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