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Parents share bed with their baby: When they wake up, they start to panic (video)

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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Imagine waking up expecting your baby to be beside you in bed, but it's your canine companion instead! That's what happened in this intriguing video.

The viral video, viewed around 54 million times on X, shows when a couple wakes up to find their baby missing from the bed.

Opportunist pup

A bedroom surveillance camera shows the parents sleeping with their restless baby between them. 

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Suddenly, the baby crawls out of the bed and disappears from view. Before the parents wake up, the family dog sneaks in and takes full advantage of the now vacant spot in the bed. 

Frantic panic

When the mother stirs and reaches out to touch her baby, expecting to touch her baby, she instead finds the dog in the child's place. Panic ensues as both parents begin searching frantically for their missing child.

It's then revealed that the baby had merely swapped places with the family pet and found safe and sound in the dog's bed.

Whether or not the video is genuine remains uncertain, but it certainly makes for entertaining viewing!

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