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Obese cat abandoned by his family: Shelter staff create a programme to help him

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Ginger and white cat Ty was abandoned by his family at the Vanderburgh Humane Society in Indiana. Seeing how overweight he was, staff knew they had to help him.

When Ty was first surrendered to the rescue, he weighed a whopping 13 kilograms, which was putting his health at serious risk. 

His caregivers knew a cat his size should actually weigh 4-5kg, so they quickly got to work creating a fitness regime to help the adorable boy become his happiest self. 

Diet and sport

The vet team and staff at Vanderburgh Humane Society knew that diet alone would not give Ty the dramatic weight reduction he desperately needed. So they came up with an ingenious idea to help their feline friend, fundraising to finance hydrotherapy sessions.

While cats may not be known for their love of water, this is often the best weight loss programme for an overweight pet, as it allows for lots of physical exercise without putting too much pressure on the joints and spine. 

Like a duck to water 

Ty took to his new training regime with the enthusiasm and energy of someone who knows they're embarking on a new chapter of life. 

Supported by his little kitty life jacket, he now happily swims unaided during his sessions, and the brave boy has lost over a kilogram in under a month. 

Once he reaches a 5kg weight loss, he will be ready to find a loving forever family of his own. 

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