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Man finds puppy abandoned in a rubbish bag: Then he makes a heartwarming decision

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Human cruelty knows no limits when it comes to getting rid of unwanted pets. Thankfully, there are wonderful people out there, who step in and save the day.

A rubbish collection crew were working on site in Missouri, when they noticed one of the bags was moving. 

Cautiously taking a look inside, they were shocked to find the tiny white body of a puppy, very much alive and in desperate need of help. 

A shocking discovery 

At first, we thought it was a carcass, explained MDC worker Brian, "and then it moved!". 

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"I was immediately down on my knees to pick him up, and instantly fell in love with the little guy", he told FOX 2 St. Louis in an interview. 

The puppy was yellow when he was first found, and very disoriented by what was going on. But thanks to Brian and the team, he was quickly brought to safety, where he was washed, fed and cared for. 

His guardian angel 

Since he was first found, the white puppy has gone from strength to strength. 

He now has a lovely soft coat, and he's slowly learning about the world around him. 

He shares his life with his rescuer Brian, who just couldn't be parted from his new companion. 

The only thing the little survivor is missing now is a name, which his family hopes will reveal itself as they get to know him better. 

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