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Abandoned near a shop, this pregnant cat desperately needed help (video)

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A team of mechanics were busy at work when they were surprised by the sight of a heavily pregnant cat, cruelly abandoned outside a shop.

The brown pregnant tabby had been dumped outside a Walmart when she noticed the mechanics working nearby and decided to approach them for help.

Pregnant and abandoned

The mechanics were happy to give her much-needed food, water and shelter. However, with a storm expected, they knew the cat would need to be somewhere safer.

So they contacted Jillian at FosterBabyCats, who came to the rescue just in time. She collected the cat and all the supplies the kind-hearted mechanics had got for her and took the cat home.

The cat, now called Bonnet, was still very young, estimated to be just 7-8 months old. She quickly settled in, devouring every last bite of her food. Realising she was finally safe, Bonnet purred up a storm as if to let the lady know she appreciated her help.

Just two days later, Bonnet had a surprise for Jillian. Overnight, she'd delivered three adorable little kittens, two ginger and one tabby cat like her.

Lively litter

The kittens, named Axel, Spark and Sprocket, proved to be lively and rather sassy babies with very healthy appetites. As their sense of smell developed, they would hiss at any new smells, instinctively wanting to protect themselves.

Bonnet has proven to be a devoted mum to her demanding trio, ensuring they are always clean and well-fed. She is incredibly attentive and will rush to her babies if she hears them squeaking and soothe them with cuddles and head nudges.

With the kittens becoming more active, Bonnie is being kept on her toes. But fortunately, Bonnet isn't doing it alone. Jillian is always there to support the new mum and ensure she has everything she needs.

Bonnet sounds like the purrfect cat mum!

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