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Woman left in shock after she sees what maintenance team patched into her wall

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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A furious cat owner took to TikTok recently, to share the unbelievable story of her cat, who got trapped in the wall during a visit from the maintenance team. 

When a maintenance team arrived to carry out works on a wall, owner Jay had no idea of the drama that would unfold. 

What was meant to be a fairly routine touch up, quickly escalated for her and her cat, who found himself in a very unusual situation. 

Maintenance gone wrong 

"That awkward moment when your complex's maintenance team patches your cat into the wall", explains the shocking video, documenting the moment Jay realised her cat was stuck. 

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Poking his little paw out of the only hole he could find, Jay's cat was in desperate need of help. With the maintenance team's emergency line out of service, it rested on the devoted owner to rescue her feline friend. 

Terrified she might hurt him, she delicately managed to break away the plasterboard as carefully as possible, leaving just enough of a gap for the brave boy to climb through. 

Not the only one

Unharmed but clearly terrified by his experience, the little cat's story has now touched the hearts of people around the world. And shockingly, it seems this is far from an isolated event.

"This happened to me. An HVAC company trapped my cat in the wall, when my husband told them and asked them for help they told us to get a new cat! I lost it", explained one viewer. 

"This happened to me too!! Our bathroom floor collapsed and my partner fell through it. When the carpenter came to patch it up, he cemented our cat in under the floor!". 

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