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Kitten rescued from street, vets have to make a tough decision to save its life

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When a gravely ill kitten is found on the road, vets have to make a heartbreaking decision that will turn its life upside down.

The tiny feline, just five weeks old, was in dire condition when a passerby found him, who then contacted One Cat At A Time Rescue for help.

Severely damaged eyes

The cat was in dire need of help; it was emaciated with severely damaged eyes.

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The adorable kitten was immediately taken to a vet for treatment. Sadly, despite desperate efforts to save its sight, vets had to make the heartbreaking decision to remove both of the kitten's eyes to ensure its survival. 

Hope for Tula's future

However, the resilient kitten named Tula adapted quickly to its new life as a blind cat. Despite all the challenges it now faced, Tula remained affectionate and eager for love and attention, even forming a close bond with the veterinary clinic assistant.

Now on the road to recovery, Tula's story has touched many hearts. Despite the obstacles ahead of the little kitten, there's hope that Tula will find a loving forever home where it will receive the care and affection it deserves. 

Good luck, Tula!

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