Nesting box for owls attached to a tree
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Man installs a nesting box for owls, but soon finds a surprising intruder inside

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Harry Sadler put a nesting box up in his garden, he was excited to see what wildlife would make its home. Little did he expect the animal he found inside. 

Harry hoped to create a cozy space for owls and other wildlife in his garden.

But his four-legged neighbours had other ideas...

A sweet little guest

A few hours after installing the nesting box, Harry decided to see if anyone had made a home there. 

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To his surprise, a little creature had, it just wasn't the one he was expecting! 

Using his binoculars to peek inside, he found a little tabby cat, quietly snoozing away. 

Searching for home

Concerned about the threat the cat posed to the wildlife in his garden, Harry immediately began searching for her owner. 

"This is not what we hoped to attract when we installed nest boxes", he wrote in his post on X, that was viewed over a million times. 

Luckily, it turned out the cat had a loving family, who had desperately been searching for her after she strayed from home. The nature enthusiast later shared that the cat was actually an indoor cat, who had slipped out during the night and become lost.

Thanks to Harry's idea, the cat was quickly reunited with her loving owners, and the nest boxes were freed up for any passing wildlife in need of a home! 

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