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Girl returns from kids’ party with unusual party favour that sparks online debate

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To her mum’s shock, a 10-year-old girl returned home from a friend’s birthday party with a very unexpected souvenir.

Kristen Stover was stunned when her daughter called her from the party asking if she could bring a nine-week-old kitten home.

Four-legged surprise

Kristen’s daughter seized the opportunity to take ownership of the kitten when the hosts of the party, who recently welcomed a litter of kittens, invited the young party guests to adopt one. 

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Begging her mum via phone call and text, the girl bombarded Kristen with adorable pictures and videos of her bonding with the tiny feline named Oscar.

Despite initial apprehensions about whether Oscar would get on with the family’s existing cat, Miles, the duo hit it off instantly. Kristen shared her surprise at their newfound camaraderie as Miles transformed into a playful companion, thanks to Oscar’s infectious energy.

Controversial party gift

Kristen confessed she hadn’t anticipated kittens at the party and would have cautioned her daughter against bringing one home. Nevertheless, succumbing to the pressure of other parents agreeing, she welcomed Oscar into the family.

The unexpected party favour stirred mixed reactions online, with a Reddit post attracting over 17,000 likes and 400 comments. While some hailed it as the “best party favour EVER,” others criticised the hosts for gifting pets without considering the long-term commitment and expenses involved.

Though opinions divided the online cat-loving community, the heartwarming images of Oscar’s arrival helped to melt everyone’s hearts.

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