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Woman finds abandoned cat in cage with hastily written note that gives her chills

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Local residents were shocked to see a cage in a park in Northridge, California, with a heartwrenching note attached.

Inside the small cage covered by a sheet was a handsome grey cat, a can of wet cat food and a poignant sign that simply stated, “Free cat.”

Kind strangers

Heather Plott, one of the concerned neighbours, couldn’t bear to leave the cat behind and enlisted a neighbour’s help to take the cage to her home.

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Upon closer inspection, Heather discovered that the cat, named Puma, was a two-year-old male. Puma appeared distressed and bewildered by his ordeal. Heather reached out to Sandra Harrison, the executive director of Kitten Rescue, for assistance. 

Puma was moved to one of the rescue’s foster homes, where he slowly began to acclimate to his new environment.

Road to recovery

Under the care of Kitten Rescue, Puma is gradually adjusting to his surroundings and showing signs of being an affection feline. Rescuers have noticed that Puma thrives in a single-cat household. 

While Puma recovers, efforts are underway to find him a permanent loving home. 

Despite the label on his cage saying he’s free, Puma’s true value is immeasurable, as seen in his remarkable journey towards recovery and the compassion of those who rescued him.

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