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Realising their kitten was missing something, couple gave him the best surprise

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When they brought their kitten Augustus home, his owners realised something wasn't right. So they set out to help him.

When Ragdoll kitten Augustus arrived home, he was scared and confused. 

Desperate to hide away, he found a safe space behind a wardrobe and refused to come back out. His new family knew they needed to do something, so they started coming up with ideas to help him. 

A surprise mission

The devoted couple wanted nothing more than to see their new companion happy, and between them, they came up with an ingenious solution. 

They left Augustus hiding in the bedroom, and made their way back to the breeder. There, they found Cyrus, who was still waiting for a family of his own. They took him home with them and immediately brought him to his brother. 

The happiest duo

In their video, which has received hundreds of messages of support on TikTok, the couple explain that it was actually Augustus who gave them the idea to bring Cyrus home. He had started purring when they showed him a photo of his feline family, which made them realise how much he must be missing them. 

As soon as he caught sight of his brother, Augustus was transformed. Long gone was the bewildered, shy kitten they knew! 

Their owner reports that while it was somewhat of a surprise to end up with two cats, the dynamic duo "have been so happy" since being reunited. 

@ragdollbrothers Augustus had one simple job: be our one and only. But when we showed him a pic of Cyrus, he approved it with a purr, and that's how we ended up with a surprise brother duo! 🐾👬 #CatLove #UnexpectedTwist #Ragdoll #Kittens ♬ Stargazing (Slowed + Reverb) - Marcelo De Carvalho
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