Bridal couple and cat in woods

This bridal couple had a surprise intruder at their wedding.

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Wedding ceremony interrupted by kitten: couple's reaction leaves guests stunned

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A couple's outdoor wedding ceremony took an unexpected turn when a surprise guest gatecrashed their nuptials much to all the guests' amusement.

As Matt and Cara exchanged their vows at the altar, it was suddenly interrupted by some very loud meows coming from the nearby woods. It didn't take them long to find the source of the noise.

Surprise interruption

The couple documented the peculiar incident on their TikTok.

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In a video that has since gone viral, the bride is told about the meowing cat by a wedding party member, causing laughter to break out from the guests. But Groom Matt hadn't initially heard the noise as the sound of him making his wedding vows had drowned it out.

But he did notice that everyone was giggling, which he later admitted had annoyed him. As soon as he discovered what was happening, he immediately halted the proceedings, telling everyone, "I have to stop this because of the cat."

New feline friend

A few weeks later, the wedding venue contacted the couple, who are avid cat lovers, revealing they had caught the cat, subsequently named Daisy. The couple decided to adopt her, sharing a heartwarming video of Daisy bonding with their other cat, Gatsby.

The couple, who are avid cat lovers (their names combined make Catt!), initially dismissed the disruption but later embraced it as a unique sign.

In a follow-up, the couple disclosed that venue staff lured Daisy with shrimp, showcasing the determination to make her part of their family. The feline interloper found a forever home and gained a new best friend in Gatsby, solidifying the unexpected wedding crasher's place in their hearts.

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