Senior dog sleeping in dog bed

Senior dog is so relieved that he's left the rescue that he snores in his sleep

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An adorable senior dog has won the hearts of social media viewers thanks to a video showing his contentment with his foster family.

Isabel Klee shared the short, heartwarming video on TikTok, featuring a dark brown-furred senior dog blissfully napping on a cosy white and grey dog bed.

Feeling safe and loved

The text accompanying the video reads: “Watching your senior foster dog snore in his fuzzy bed knowing he feels safe and loved.” 

The video, set to the soothing melody of “New Home” by Frozen Silence, showcases the pup in a state of pure contentment.

Viewers were quick to express their adoration in the comments section. Some marvelled at the dog’s endearing old-man snores, while others couldn’t resist urging someone to adopt him. 

Love for senior dogs

Despite potential challenges such as impaired vision and hearing associated with an older dog, viewers noted how the dog enjoys the warmth of love and security.

Here's the heartwarming clip:

@simonsits No better feeling 🥲 @Muddy Paws Rescue ♬ New Home - Frozen Silence

This video is a great reminder of the advantages of adopting an older dog, including a calmer temperament, easier bonding and reduced physical demands, making them ideal pets.

We hope this sweet senior dog doesn’t have to wait long to find a forever home where he can continue to enjoy his peaceful naps surrounded by love.

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