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Christmas lights could stress and panic pets, vet warns (video)

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A vet is cautioning pet owners about a TikTok trend involving taking cats and dogs on Christmas lights tours in cars.

Dr. Anna Foreman from Everypaw Pet Insurance is sharing her concerns about the potential health risks of this viral trend. 

Christmas lights warning

In a video with over 12 million views on TikTok, a cat is seen in the passenger seat, seemingly enjoying the Christmas lights display. However, Dr. Foreman suggests the cat is actually feeling stunned and stressed.

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Numerous viewers shared contrasting experiences, with some expressing concerns about their own pets reacting negatively to car journeys. Dr. Foreman stresses that cats, in particular, may find unfamiliar environments distressing, triggering a fight or flight response that could injure both pets and humans.

Safety reminder about pets in cars

The vet is also eager to remind owners to ensure their pets are properly restrained during car journeys and that it’s a legal requirement in the UK for dogs travelling in vehicles. She urges owners to minimise their cat’s stress and anxiety during car journeys. She recommends they travel in enclosed carriers containing familiar items and, if necessary, are given a sedative by the vet.

Dr. Foreman also warns owners of the dangers that lurk at home during the festive period. Indoor Christmas lights could cause strangulation, electric shock or obstruction should a pet chew on cables or swallow an object. 

Always supervise your pet when they are around Christmas decorations and pay close attention to any signs of discomfort. If you are concerned that they may have hurt themselves or ingested something, get them seen by a vet as soon as possible.

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