German Shepherd and kittens

German Shepherd loses his bed to his three feline siblings.

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German Shepherd discovers 3 kittens in his bed: his reaction is THE BEST (Video)

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A German Shepherd's encounter with three naughty kittens who commandeered his bed has become a heartwarming online hit.

Meet Rocky, the lovable canine star of his own YouTube channel that documents his daily life.

Tiny furry intruders

In a video that's amassed over 13 million views, Rocky returns home after a long walk, only to discover a trio of playful feline intruders has usurped his cosy bed. The gentle giant stands there perplexed, torn between curiosity and concern. These tiny invaders don't seem to fear him, and one even reaches out to touch his nose. A fourth kitten explores the periphery while the rest comfortably lounge on Rocky's fluffy cushion.

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The German Shepherd sniffs around, seemingly trying to decipher their intentions. Are they planning to take over his territory, or do they just want a comfy spot?

Fearless felines

Still in their exploratory phase, the kittens respond with curiosity, playfully batting at Rocky's nose. Their fearless demeanour astonishes viewers, who appreciate the canine's gentle touch. Frustrated but compassionate, Rocky attempts to nudge the kittens from his bed, but they mistake his gestures for play. Eventually, he concedes and becomes a loving big brother, playing with the kittens showcasing his protective and nurturing side.

Here's the adorable video:

Viewers are captivated by the giant dog's careful and caring approach to these tiny felines, highlighting the heartwarming contrast between his imposing stature and gentle nature.

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