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Dog owner leaves note on door: Neighbour's response leaves people in awe

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A Reddit user has shared a heartwarming love story unlike any other that involves a dog, a cat, and a neighbourly gesture that has since gone viral.

A faithful dog would perch by the window for nearly half a year, gazing longingly at its feline neighbour. 

Heartbroken pup

But the sweet daily ritual took a sorrowful turn when the neighbours filled their window sill with potted plants, inadvertently blocking the dog's view of its beloved feline friend. Little did they know their actions had broken the dog's heart.

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Determined to mend her pet's heartache, the dog's owner took matters into her own hands. She composed a heartfelt note, which she then fixed to the cat's window. The note explained to the neighbour that the dog had developed an unlikely infatuation with their cat and explained the daily ritual of longing looks. 

True love

The note concluded with a humble plea for the potted plants to relocate, signed, "Your neighbour and her adoring dog."  Once the cat owners had seen the note, they placed one of their own in their window that read, "For true love." It was a touching acknowledgement of the special bond between the two animals.

What a sweet story.

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