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Dog goes for a walk and falls for homeless pup who looks just like her

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What started as a typical dog walk became a love story when Rogue encountered her doppelganger on the streets and convinced her owner to do the unexpected.

Bethany Coleman, Rogue's unsuspecting owner, had no intention of adopting a second dog when she headed out for the pair's usual walk. But then she found herself at the mercy of her canine companion's wishes.

When Rogue meets Beast

As Bethany strolled with her dog, Rogue spotted a dog resembling her. Not an actual twin, mind you, but a dog strikingly similar to Rogue in appearance. This doppelganger's name? Beast. He had been hanging out at the local farmers market under the care of a local animal shelter alongside other dogs looking to be adopted.

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At first, Bethany's thoughts were that she wasn't about to add another pet to the family.  However, as any pet owner can attest, it's impossible to resist when your four-legged friend gives you those irresistible puppy dog eyes. Love was in the air, and Rogue had decided that Beast had to become a part of their family.

One of the family

Describing the encounter, Bethany said,

"He was Rogue's twin, and they also got along splendidly, immediately engaging in play. So right then and there, I started filling out the adoption paperwork."

Fast forward a few months, and these two matching pups have settled into their new home as the best of friends. Bethany couldn't be happier, and neither could Rogue and Beast.

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