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Owner leaves dog at pet hotel; just 2 hours later they are in for a shock

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A man dropped off his two pet pooches at a doggy daycare spa and retreat. But when he came back a few hours later, one of them was missing...

Cory Geis, from Shakopee, Minnesota, USA, left his two dogs, Bella and George, at the Doggie Doo's Spa and Retreat for a two-hour assessment. The Geis family was planning a human-only vacation and wanted to see how the dogs would settle at the retreat before booking them in for a longer stay.

Where's George?

But when Cory returned to collect them, the staff could only find one of his dogs. The other, George, was missing. The team had no idea he had escaped until Cory came looking for him.

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The staff at Doggie Doo's Spa searched everywhere for George. They then checked the footage from the CCTV camera. It showed George leaping a 6-foot fence. A security camera from a nearby house captured video of him walking by shortly after.

But since then, there has been no sign or sighting of poor George. Cory is furious.

"With nobody watching over him, George climbed over their 6-foot fence and took off," posted a very angry Cory on Facebook. "NO ONE AT DOGGIE DOO'S HAD KNOWN THIS HAD HAPPENED! They had no idea he was gone until I came back to pick him up. The negligence of allowing this to happen is terrible."

Prayers for George

Doggie Doo took full responsibility and posted a public apology. It's doing everything it can to help Cory locate George.

A spokesperson for the doggy spa said this has never happened before and that the company will review its policies and staffing requirements to ensure no other dogs escape.

The local community has rallied around Cory. A community group put up flyers, contacted all the local animal rescue shelters, and collected donations for a reward.

Paws crossed. Let's pray that George finds his way back home.

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