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Bernedoodle waits for school bus: What he does next melts everyone's heart

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A giant dog patiently waits for the school bus to arrive outside his home every day. And the reason why will melt your heart. 

This recent viral dog video shows why we have so much love for these amazing creatures. And it's more proof (although we didn't really need any!) that dogs love their people, too.

The short Yoube clip starts with a big fluffy dog sitting in his front garden. A few seconds later, a school bus pulls up. The dog's tail starts to wag. He's clearly waiting for someone special.

Hugs mean love

That someone is his human brother, And what happens next can only be described as pure joy and happiness.

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The boy runs toward his furry best friend, who greets the little man in the cutest way ever. He starts with a few welcome sniffs and licks, then jumps up on his back legs to give the boy a big cuddle.

It's adorable. Just absolutely adorable. The heartwarming video received over 500K likes and 7K comments.

"This is beyond PRECIOUS," posted one person. "JUST PURE LOVE. IT JUST DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS!!!

"Beautiful how gentle the dog is with his tiny human friend," wrote another. "Just made me cry happy tears!"

Meet the Bernedoodle

Many viewers couldn't figure out the dog's breeds. Some suggested the big furry loveball is a Poodle, while others said it's a mountain dog breed.

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Both were right. The dog is a Bernedoodle, a cross between the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Bernedoodles are still quite rare, but they make great family pets. The Bernedoodle is loyal, intelligent, gentle and, as this video shows, amazing with young children.

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