One eyed Australian shepherd puppy
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Puppy with one eye struggles to find loving home until perfect person comes along

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No one wanted to adopt the one-eyed puppy until it made a special connection with someone who had much in common with the adorable pup.

Despite the dog's sweet nature and undeniable cuteness, prospective owners were immediately put off because the Australian Shepherd puppy was born without its left eye.

Unwanted pup

The rest of the puppy's litter had been sold, but no one wanted to take him home, despite the breeder reducing his asking price. While the future was starting to look bleak for the poor puppy, little did he know that a man called Jordan Trent was in the market for a dog, and he had something in common with this particular puppy.

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Jordan went to meet the breeder and see what pups they had available. The puppy that immediately caught his attention was the one-eyed Australian Shepherd no one wanted. Jordan didn't take long to decide he wanted to adopt the pup.

Happy ever after

Fortunately, Jordan wasn't at all phased by the pup's missing eye. At age 15, he lost the sight in his left eye during a gardening accident.

Jordan named the pup Shiner Solo after the Texas beer and his favourite Star Wars character, Han Solo. The dog settled in very well to his new life with Jordan and his family and has grown into a beautiful dog that everyone adores, as seen on Shiner Solo's Instagram.

It's unbelievable that there was a time when no one wanted him.

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