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Animal activist follows GSD to see why she's always at the cemetary

german shepherd digging grave dog-wow © WatchJojo- Youtube

When a pooch was spotted standing guard over a grave, it looked like the faithful dog was grieving for its dead master. But what happened next shocked everyone!

By Ashley Murphy

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In 2015, visitors to a cemetery in Serbia photographed a sad-looking German Shepherd standing over a grave.

The heartbreaking pic went viral across social media, with many people assuming the dog had recently lost it's human and just wasn't ready to let go!

The story goes viral

However, a few sharp-eyed observers noticed something strange - the dog had dug a massive hole underneath the gravestone. Vesna Mihajloski, a local animal rights activist, decided to investigate.

After arriving at the cemetery, Vesna quickly spotted the stray dog. But rather than rescue it straight away, she wanted to figure out why the animal was so obsessed with this particular grave.

Vesna quickly realised that the dog wasn't concerned with the actual grave. Instead, it was protecting something that was hiding in the little hole underneath.

The animal specialist had a pretty good idea about what it was, and her suspicions were confirmed when she spotted a litter of adorable puppies curled up in the little cave.

In fact, the dog wasn't grieving at all. It had chosen this snug, private little spot to bring some new life into the world!

A family rescue

The puppies were still alive, but they did show signs of malnourishment. Mum had done her best, but the furry family needed some extra help.

After earning their trust, Vesna transported the gang to a local animal hospital. Vets gave the puppies some much needed medical treatment, while mum enjoyed a well-earned rest.

The last reports said the pups were doing well, and that mum and her babies were well on their way to finding their first proper home with loving human families.

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