Cat with head stuck in jar
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Woman sees strange looking cat, takes a closer look and is stunned (video)

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The kind-hearted resident was out feeding the stray cats in her neighbourhood when she discovered a cat that had gotten into a big pickle (jar).

You know what they say about curiosity and cats? Well, it certainly got this feline into a lot of trouble.

Head stuck!

When the woman spotted the little ginger cat in the distance, she couldn't believe her eyes. The poor little feline had managed to get its head firmly stuck in what appeared to be a light fixture or glass bowl.

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She immediately called for help, and local animal rescue officers arrived to help. The cat was only six months old and wandering along the streets close to the road. The officers couldn't get close enough to the cat to catch it, so they used a drop trap to capture the terrified kitten safely.

Once the kitten was in their grasp, they realised its head had been trapped in a glass jar, which they quickly removed. The kitten, now appropriately called Buzz Lightyear, was taken to a local animal centre for a check-up. 

In good hands

Fortunately, the kitten looked in good health and was vaccinated and spayed. Buzz quickly settled into her new home at the animal centre. However, she's still learning to trust humans. Staff and volunteers are working with Buzz to help socialise her so she will eventually be ready to find her forever home. 

Here's a clip of little Buzz's rescue:

During Buzz's rescue, a previously unknown stray cat colony was discovered. These felines were also captured and brought to the centre to receive medical treatment, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering in the hope of finding homes.

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