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At the very last second, auto-salvage employee checks under the seat

Cars crushed at auto salvage cat-wow
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The employee of the Berlin auto-salvage didn’t have to check the car, which had apparently already been checked, before it headed to the crusher. Perhaps it was fate that pushed this man to double-check just in time.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 30/05/2019, 18:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

It is regulation to check a car before it is destroyed. Obviously, you wouldn’t want any possessions to get destroyed along with it. When this employee checked the car, he was expecting to find a forgotten CD, perhaps a bag or a coat, but instead, he finds a little nest of hay behind the driver’s seat.

An unexpected discovery

When the man took a closer look, he realised there was movement from inside the little nest. He started to remove bits of hay, and soon came in contact with something soft and fluffy.

What he discovered was a complete shock! Four tiny kittens! Sadly, one had passed away, but the three others were in perfect shape!

The crusher was immediately stopped, and the police was called. Definitely a stroke of luck for these little kittens!

The kittens were brought to a local vet who examined them and took over their initial care. Though one of the kittens has a mild case of ophthalmia, the others are all in perfect health!

The tiny trio

The adorable kittens were estimated to be around 2 weeks old. They were handed over to Tiershutz Berlin. Feline, Fred, and Ferdi, as they were affectionately named, will need constant care and hand feeding for the next couple of weeks. However, they have a bright future ahead: being so young, they are likely to get adopted very soon.

It was most likely a stray cat that gave birth to these lovely kittens in the car junkyard. According to Tiershutz Berlin spokeswoman Annette Rost, there are around 10,000 stray cats roaming the streets of Berlin, most of them un-spayed/neutered.