Construction workers find a puppy in the mud, but soon find out they're wrong

muddy fox kit dog-wow © LOTL Rescue - Facebook

Workers saved what they thought was a dog from a hole on the construction site, but they were astonished to discover in fact its not a dog at all – it’s a fox!

By Dawn Parrish

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Builders on the site in Canary Wharf, London, made the discovery as they were working.

The small animal was stuck down a hole in the ground, and was absolutely covered in dirt and mud. The pup appeared to be exhausted, no doubt from his efforts to escape from the hole. They called over their work colleagues to check out their find, then made the decision to pick up the small pup to try and help it.

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Workers take dog they’ve saved to rescue centre

Initially, the builders thought the small animal was a pup, so they called on the help of South Essex Wildlife Hospital, where he could be treated for any health conditions or injuries. At the veterinary hospital, he was on the receiving end of a good scrubbing to remove the mud and dirt that had stuck to his fur.

Staff are astonished when the dog they saved has a different identity

Once the muddy pup was bathed and clean, his true identity is actually revealed; its not a dog after all, but a beautiful baby fox. Of course the volunteers at the rescue centre are amazed at this discovery, but they aren’t unduly worried. Following a medical check up to make sure all is well, the little fox cub is now recovering well, and gaining strength. Of course he’s too young to be released back into the wild just yet, but staff at the wildlife hospital are giving him the best attention.

Without the help of these kind-hearted builders, this tiny fox cub certainly wouldn’t have been saved.

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