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Here are the best dog training treats for your pup

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What are the best dog training treats in 2024?

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There are many different types of dog training treats available to help motivate your pet to learn new commands. It's important to choose the treats carefully, so they don't affect your dog’s health.

Crunchy or soft, bone-shaped or ball-shaped, chicken or beef flavoured treats - the choice is yours! To choose the ideal dog training treats, carefully check the ingredients. The snack should not contain too much sugar, as it is very likely that you will give your pet several of these during daily training sessions. Also, if possible, look for organic dog treats made from natural ingredients!

It's important to give the treat only when the dog has executed the command correctly. If you reward your pet for no reason, they won't understand the idea and you'll find it much harder to train them!

Is your little Samoyed is about to join the family? Make sure to organise a warm welcome by preparing a bag of treats. To help you choose the best dog treats, we've put together this comparison.

Why should I give my dog treats?

Giving your dog treats not only helps you bond but also helps you train them. You can reward your pet every time they obey you or do the right thing. By using dog training treats, you'll be teaching your dog in a positive way, without raising your voice. The animal will soon understand that they’re getting a treat when they do what you ask for!

However, you can also reward your dog with petting and a suitable tone of voice. Treats should not be taken for granted!

When is best to give your dog training treats?

For treats to be truly effective during training, they must be given correctly. Never give your pet a treat when they’re not doing what you want them to do, even if they’re making eyes at you!

You should hand out a treat only once you see good behaviour, especially if it happens after a command was given.

Stroke your pet as you give them the dog training treat and talk to them affectionately. This way, the animal will associate the petting with the treat and it will quickly become an equally important reward for them!

Should I always give my dog treats?

No, you don't want your pet to start asking you for them. You are the only one to decide whether or not they can have a treat. That's why you shouldn't reward your pet only with treats. Vary the pleasures by stroking them as soon as your dog obeys you, for example.

You can also talk to your pet in a sweet voice: dogs are very sensitive to the sound of their owner’s voice and understand perfectly if you are happy or angry.

Feel free to play with your pup when they obey a command. Your pet will be just as happy as if you gave them a treat!

How do I choose the best dog training treats?

Be careful, you should not give your pet just any treats. Leftovers from your lunch are not at all suitable for a dog's diet! Human food is not balanced for dogs and your pet will quickly gain weight.

On the contrary, special treats for dogs meet their nutritional needs and are not harmful to their health.

To choose the right treats for your dog's training, you need to consider several criteria.

Age is a key factor in choosing dog food, as young dogs have different energy needs than adults.

You should also choose treats based on your pet's weight. If your pet tends to gain weight, choose treats that are high in fibre and low in fat, and that are safe for them to eat.

Finally, consider your dog's taste! Some love chicken while others prefer beef.

There are also natural dog treats. You can even make your dog's treats yourself from pate or dried meat.

At what age should I start giving my dog treats?

There is no real minimum age. However, avoid giving puppies treats before they are fully weaned. Their digestive system is still fragile and they may get stomach upsets when they are introduced to unfamiliar foods.

However, you can stock up on treats before your two-month-old puppy arrives! At first, you'll use them to bond with your new pet and make it easier to tame them. Then you can start using the treats for training. Give your pet one or two as soon as they obey a command.

Make sure to buy dog training treats that are appropriate for the animal’s age.

Where do I buy dog training treats?

A wide range of treats of all kinds is available on the Internet. Visit specialised sites, but also the general e-commerce platforms, which offer a wide selection. Feel free to use online comparators, which will tell you in just a few clicks which dog treats offer the best value for money. And if you have any questions, check out the specialised forums, where you can benefit from the experience of other dog owners!

Alternatively, you can visit a pet shop or your veterinarian. However, the range of treats on offer will be much smaller! How about you buy a ball to fill with treats? It would be a well-deserved reward after a long training session.

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