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Other names: Smaland Hound


The Smålandsstövare, more commonly known as the Smaland Hound, is a medium-sized scent hound native to Sweden. Famed for being a robust and hardworking hunter, it was (and often still is) used to hunt fox and hare. However, this working dog also makes a loving family companion; known to be loyal and friendly to its inner circle yet wary of strangers. In fact, this unique hound can make the perfect pet for those living in rural areas who are searching for a protective and active canine companion.


Key facts about the Smålandsstövare

  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 14 years
  • Temperament : Playful, Calm, Hunter
  • Size : Medium
  • Type of coat : Short, Hard

FCI Group

FCI Group

Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds


Section 1 : Scent hounds

Physical characteristics of the Smålandsstövare

Adult size

Female dog Between 17 and 20 in
Male dog Between 18 and 21 in


Female dog Between 33 and 40 lb
Male dog Between 33 and 40 lb

Coat colour

Black and tan, sometimes with white markings on the chest and feet.

Type of coat

Thick, harsh and weatherproof.

Eye colour

Dark brown.


The Smaland Hound is a medium-sized, muscular and stocky dog with a square-like, compact body. The head and face are narrow, featuring a black nose with big nostrils, moderately-sized, high-set floppy ears and dark, almond-shaped eyes.



yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Known to be affectionate, loving and loyal, but only to its owner and immediate family.


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This dog loves to run around and play outside with its family, especially the kids.


yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

Assuming it gets enough exercise, the Smaland Hound is a calm, content and docile pet within the family home.


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The Smaland Hound is highly intelligent, capable of learning complicated tricks with ease.


yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

As a natural hunting dog, chasing and killing prey is part of this breed’s nature.

Fearful / wary of strangers

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

The Smaland Hound is naturally wary of strangers and highly protective over its family.


yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Bred to work alone on farms with little to no guidance from its master, this breed is independent and free-spirited. However, it is generally obedient, and this independent streak is only likely to rear its head if the dog is tracking a scent.

Behaviour of the Smålandsstövare

Tolerates solitude

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Although not known to suffer from separation anxiety, this breed does form strong ties with its family and will appreciate as much company as possible.

Easy to train / obedience

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This dog is docile and devoted to its master. It’s quite simple to educate the Smaland Hound in a positive and benevolent way. It needs to learn not to run away too much during walks.


yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Although this breed will bark loudly at strangers, it’s not otherwise known as a vocal breed.

Tendency to run away

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The Smaland is a talented scent hound and will fiercely track any smells it picks up on. While a good recall can help, it might be necessary to keep your dog on a lead in areas with lots of wildlife, small animals or traffic.


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The Smaland’s destructive tendencies (hyperactivity, chewing, barking) solely depend on whether its needs are met. Under-exercise this active breed, and say hello to destruction!

Greedy / Gluttony

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This dog is not known to be excessively greedy, but treats are always a good positive reinforcement for good behaviour.

Guard dog

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This is not a guard dog at heart, but it can be territorial and protective enough to boldly alert its family of suspicious intruders.

First dog

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While the Smaland Hound is first and foremost a working dog, it can make a great companion for novice owners due to its easy-going personality.


Smålandsstövare in a flat

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This energetic breed is likely to be destructive in a flat or apartment, where it would lack the ability to explore and expend energy. Ideally, the Smaland will live in a country/rural environment.

Need for exercise / Sporty

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The Smaland was bred to work and, therefore, thrives in an active household. If you’re considering keeping this breed as a family pet, you’ll need to be able to dedicate at least two hours per day for exercise and mental stimulation. Fast walking, hiking, jogging, scent games, swimming and sports are all great options!

Travelling / easy to transport

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As a medium-sized breed, the Smaland can be easily transported. However, due to its high exercise requirements, it may become restless during long journeys.


Smålandsstövare and cats

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The Smaland can coexist with cats it grew up with.

Smålandsstövare and dogs

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The Smaland is sociable in nature, and can cohabit or meet regularly with other dogs.

Smålandsstövare and children

yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

This friendly pooch is known to adore kids and loves to spend time playing with them.

Smålandsstövare and the elderly

yellow-paw grey-paw grey-paw

The Smaland is far too active for an elderly dog owner.


We do not have enough data to set an average price for purchase of this breed. However, looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £70 to £100 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.


Thankfully, the Smaland Hound has an easy-care coat which will only require a weekly brush. The rest is normal canine care, such as occasional bathing, nail trimming once monthly and daily tooth brushing. The Smaland’s ears need more care and attention than other breeds, though. Check and clean them (if necessary) once per week.


This breed sheds seasonally. Brush the Smaland daily during these periods.

Nutrition of the Smålandsstövare

Feed this energetic dog a high-quality, complete and balanced dog food which is formulated specifically for working or active dog breeds.

Health of the Smålandsstövare

Life expectancy

Generally long-lived and robust with a strong immune system, this breed's life expectancy is 13 years.

Strong / robust

yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

The Smaland Hound is famed for its sturdy and robust disposition.

Withstand heat

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

This hardy breed will tolerate heat but is far better suited to cold climates.

Withstand cold

yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

The Smaland is capable of hunting during freezing cold Swedish winters, holding a high tolerance to cold and wet weather.

Tendency to put on weight

yellow-paw grey-paw grey-paw

If this active breed receives adequate exercise, it’s highly unlikely to experience weight problems.

Common illnesses

Good to know

The Smaland Hound is thought to be the oldest scent hound breed in existence.

Origins and history

The Smaland originates from 16th century Southern Sweden, but wasn’t recognised as an official breed by the Swedish Kennel Club until 1921. This robust, dedicated and intelligent dog is an incredible multitasker, and so, was loved by Swedish farmers who couldn’t afford more than one working dog. The breed is believed to be a mix of several Spitz breeds along with English, Polish and German hounds.


Sven, Roffe, Blix, Astra

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