Russian-European Laika

Other names : Russo-European Laika, Russko-Evropeïskaïa Laïka

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Life expectancy

The Russian-European Laika has a life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years




Adult size

Female Between 19 and 21 in
Male Between 20 and 23 in

Adult weight

Female Between 44 and 66 lb
Male Between 44 and 66 lb
Coat colour
Black White
Type of coat
Hard Long
Eye colour
Good to know

More details about the Russian-European Laika

Russian-European Laika: Origins and history

First noted around the European forest areas of Russia at the end of the 19th century, Laika dogs from regions such as Komi, Udmurtia, Arkhangelsk, and Yaroslavl, were united under the banner of Russian-European Laika in 1947.

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FCI classification of the Russian-European Laika

  • Group 5 - Spitz and primitive types

  • Section 2 : Nordic Hunting Dogs

Training a Russian-European Laika

An experienced owner will have little trouble training this clever and engaged dog. His education requires patience, firmness, and gentleness, and his lessons should be interesting and varied.

Russian-European Laika: Purchase price

We do not have enough data to set an average price. Looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £70 to £100 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.

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