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Natural home remedies for your dog

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As a pet parent, your dog’s happiness is your top priority. But when your canine buddy has a minor illness or skin condition which doesn’t warrant a trip to the vet, how can you speed up their recovery and ensure they’re comfortable? Well, these home remedies for dogs have got you covered! 

A small cut, a slightly upset stomach from eating bad food, or a spot of dry skin. These are all things which are unpleasant for your pup but don’t merit a trip to the vet unless they become worse, are accompanied by other symptoms or linger for some time. In those cases, please get to the vet as soon as you can.

Otherwise, these natural home remedies for dogs might be all you need to perk your dog up and help them feel happy, healthy and comfortable.

Elisa Katz, DVM, an expert in holistic medicine who operates the Holistic Veterinary Center, said to Dogster. “We are not suggesting dog owners ‘play’ veterinarian, but there are certainly minor issues that can be treated with herbs, dietary changes, probiotics and homoeopathy.”

Upset stomach home remedies for dogs


If your dog has had a bout of sickness or diarrhoea, adding a tablespoon of plain, sugar-free yoghurt to their food acts as a natural probiotic. This builds up good bacteria in the gut to protect them against further flare-ups, as well as any residing stomach pain. Lactose intolerant dogs need to avoid this one, though.

Rice with boiled chicken

Boiled rice might seem boring, but it can help to settle an upset stomach in dogs  ©Pixabay

If you’re certain of what caused your dog’s upset stomach, such as a diet change or the fact they drank too much milk, a bland diet might be the only treatment your pooch needs. Boil some plain white rice until tender and cook some skinless, boneless chicken breast, and feed it to your dog at a 75%/25% ratio of rice to chicken. Add a little bit of water to the mixture they’ve been sick or had diarrhoea. Feeding your pup this diet for a few days should help to limit digestive upset entirely.


You’ve probably heard of ginger as an old time remedy for human sickness and fever - but it’s great for dogs, too. Whether it’s nausea, bloating or general stomach upset, ginger can ease discomfort. Cut the skin off and cut it into a fine mince, feeding half a teaspoon to your pooch once a day. If he won’t take it, mix it in with his food.

Itching skin and wound home remedies for dogs


Sure, if your dog has itchy skin, you can run to the store and buy a medicated shampoo. But did you know that plain oatmeal is cheaper and carries the same benefits, without all the nasty chemicals? Oatmeal gently nourishes and soothes a dog’s skin and conditions their coat!

If you’ve noticed your dog is scratching like mad and can’t get to the vet until the morning, give them an oatmeal bath. Fill your kitchen sink or baththub with warm water to around the chest height of your pup, and add a cup of ground oatmeal. Let them soak for 10 minutes.

You can take them straight out without rinsing, as the oatmeal will continue to work its magic. If you’d rather opted for a less messy option, just give them a good rinse with warm water, before towel drying.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for itchy dog skin and wound healing  ©Pixabay

Is there more of a natural miracle worker for dog and humans than coconut oil? Probably not! It’s found in so many hair and beauty products nowadays thanks to its extreme moisturising and nourishing capabilities. Well, the same goes for dogs!

Coconut oil can help to soothe itchy skin, speed up the healing of wounds, moisturise dry skin and ease dry, cracked paws. It’s absorbed easily through the skin, replacing the oil barrier between your pup’s coat and the environment.

Apply melted coconut oil to your dog’s skin or the affected area as often as needed, massaging it gently. You can use a small amount and leave it there to work its magic - there’s no need to wash it off. For a more intensive treatment, apply a generous amount all over, leave it on for around 15-30 minutes, before giving your pooch a rinse to wash it off.

Sunburn home remedies for dogs

Aloe vera

If your pooch has spent a little too long out in the sun, their skin might turn red and may eventually peel. Aloe vera gel is fantastic for soothing and healing a minor sunburn or to keep your dog comfortable until you get to the vet, in serious cases.

Begin by soaking the affected area with a cold washcloth to cool the burn. Then, massage a thin layer of pure aloe vera gel directly on the burn. Repeat as often as needed and until the sunburn has healed. You can buy 100% aloe vera gel from most chemists, and of course, if you have a plant, you can use the real thing!

Witch hazel

This antiseptic and astringent liquid that you’ll probably find somewhere in your bathroom cabinet, is a fantastic home remedy for dog sunburn. Witch hazel soothes pain and inflammation whilst also speeding up healing.

Use a cotton pad to gently dab witch hazel onto the sunburn, at least twice a day until the skin is completely healed. And don’t worry - although the liquid is astringent, it won’t sting your pup.

Pain home remedies for dogs


Turmeric is able to ease pain, inflammation and even prevent cancer©Pixabay

Does your old dog suffer from arthritis or joint pain? Turmeric is a wonderful, safe and natural anti-inflammatory herb which can help to ease pain and prevent conditions from getting worse. The best way to use this magic herb is to sprinkle around half a teaspoon of the dried herb or powder onto or mixed in with food, every day.

Turmeric can also be used as a preventative treatment for your dog, as several studies have shown it can help to prevent the risk of cancer in both humans and dogs.

Remember, if symptoms persist or your dog seems extremely unwell, the best thing to do is head straight to the vet. But we hope some of these home remedies for dogs help you out when your dog is feeling a little under the weather - good luck!

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