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How to find BorrowMyDoggy members near you.

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Is BorrowMyDoggy in my area?

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If you have ever missed spending time with a beloved family pet when you move away or think your life could benefit from a bit more doggy love, then a pet sharing website like BorrowMyDoggy may be the perfect fix you need. But does it work and is it in your area?

The short answer is - yes! BorrowMyDoggy operates across the UK and Ireland. So if you’re ready to start a new adventure just keep reading to find out more.

Is BorrowMyDoggy worth it?

Building trusting relationships between borrowers and owners is at the core of BorrowMyDoggy. Everyone, including the dog, should feel comfortable with the arrangement. Whether it is a walk or a weekend break sharing a pet could enrich the life of your dog as well as your own.

What a you waiting for? Join BorrowMyDoggy now!

Can you pay monthly for BorrowMyDoggy?

Currently there isn’t an option to pay monthly. The annual fee is £12.99 for borrowers and £44.99 for owners. This cost includes:

  • Verification process
  • Accident and Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Unlimited messages

How do I find a dog to walk?

All matches depend on location and availability. The best way to find a new furry friend is to like their profiles and message any local doggies that you like the sound of. Once contact has been made, you can arrange a ‘Welcome woof’ to get to know each other. The ‘Welcome woof’ is the first meeting between an owner and a borrower and is all about getting to know each other and discuss the kind of arrangement you’re both looking for.

Are there members near me?

To find out if there are members in your local area simply sign up and create a free profile. This allows you to look around and see if there are members matching your availability. There is an option to search for members anywhere from 0.5 miles away to 20 miles. So you can customise your search to suit your requirements.

Are there dogs near me?

There are new members signing up every day. To see if there are dogs in your local area simply create a free account and adjust your search to view the dogs near you. You can adjust your search filters to show small, medium or large dogs and there are even options of whether the dog is good with children, cats or is hypoallergenic!

Is BorrowMyDoggy in London?

London is full of renters who aren’t allowed dogs in their flats, students and international business people far away from their family pets and longing to have some four-legged company. There are currently thousands of borrowers available on BorrowMyDoggy. It doesn’t matter if you’re North, south, east or west, there could be a great match waiting for you.

Can I Borrow a Dog in London?

If you have been yearning for some quality dog time but can’t commit to having a pup full time then how about borrowing one for the day? Or how does taking care of a pup while their owners are on holiday sound? Dogs on BorrowMyDoggy have lots of different needs that may match your own. If you’re thinking about borrowing a dog but not sure where to go with them then here’s some inspiration for great walks around London that you can get lost in for a few hours:

  • Victoria Park
  • The oldest public park offers a lush green space to let your new doggy pal run wild.
  • Thames Path at Barnes
  • With lots to see and do along the path, this walk can be customised to be as long or as short as you wish.
  • Highgate Wood
  • Ancient woodland with two dog friendly cafes to rest after an afternoon spent exploring.
  • Crystal Palace Park.
  • The famous Victorian pleasure garden is now home to dinosaurs, farm animals, a maze and a weekly market.

Why Use BorrowMyDoggy as an Owner

Frank’s owner, Jo from London decided to join BorrowMyDoggy as she felt ‘Frank needed more variety in his daily life’ while she was working from home. She now has ‘lots of borrowers that spend time with him every so often, which is great for breaking up his routine’.

Just like Frank's owner, join a community of dog lover on BorrowMyDoggy

Is BorrowMyDoggy in Bristol?

Whether you work full time and feel guilty for leaving your dog all day, or you’re planning a holiday and seeking an alternative to kennels, then you will have seen the abundance of choice for dog care in Bristol. The choice can be overwhelming, but BorrowMyDoggy can offer an alternative to all your needs in just one website. The benefit of using a borrower from the site includes flexible arrangements, personal relationships with the borrowers and the chance to introduce another loving human into your dog's life.

Using BorrowMyDoggy as an owner in Bristol

At £44.99 a year the membership fee is a cheaper alternative to dog care and also covers the verification process and insures you for when your dog is in a borrower's care.

Millie’s owner, Fiona decided that ‘Instead of getting a dog walker in Bristol, we joined BorrowMyDoggy’. According to Fiona ‘Millie loves going to see her borrower, and tends to be reluctant to come home because she’s had so much fun!

Borrowing a Dog in Bristol

Bristol has great city walks but it is also surrounded by lush Somerset countryside. If you’re stuck for ideas of where to go on a dog walk in Bristol or you want to get out of the city with your borrowed dog, then here’s some inspiration for you:

  • Bristol Harbourside: With extensive maritime history, the Harbourside is a key part of Bristol. Do a lap around it to see the SS Great Britain and relics of the industrial railway.
  • Leigh Woods: The largest woodland in Bristol is situated above the stunning Avon Gorge. Follow the trails for incredible views over the Clifton Suspension bridge and Avon Gorge.
  • King Weston Estate: This historic estate north-west of Bristol covers 300 acres. With a Grade II listed building and an assortment of gardens to stroll around, this is a dog friendly escape.

BorrowMyDoggy operates across the UK and Ireland and has hundreds of members signing up every day across the country.

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