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BorrowMyDoggy - a pet care service for dog owners and lovers.

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What is BorrowMyDoggy?

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BorrowMyDoggy is the UK’s largest dog sharing community, connecting dog owners with local trusted people to help take care of their dog for walks, weekends and happy holidays.

BorrowMyDoggy helps connect dog owners with local dog borrowers for walks, weekends and holidays. It is a win-win (or woof-woof) situation for everyone involved:

  • Dogs receive more love, attention and exercise. Puppies that join BorrowMyDoggy also benefit from more socialisation by experiencing new sights, smells and meeting different people.
  • Owners get peace of mind that their beloved pooch is being taken care of by a genuine dog lover, rather than for a profit. Owners within the BorrowMyDoggy community have also shared how it’s a more affordable and kind option to kennels - and you get to make another person happy!
  • Borrowers enjoy happy dog time. Spending just 15 to 20 minutes with a friendly dog improves your mental wellbeing, by relieving everyday stresses and leaving you feeling more calm and relaxed.

How does BorrowMyDoggy work?

Anyone can join BorrowMyDoggy, just sign up and create a free profile on their website. Choose whether you’d like your dog to be borrowed or if you want to look after a dog, then write a little bit about yourself or your pooch. Tell other members why you’ve joined the community and when you’re looking to help. All matches are based on location and availability.

Once you’ve completed your profile you can search for dogs or borrowers in your local area, view their profiles and check their availability. You can also ‘like’ profiles to show your interest. There are a variety of search filters available to make it easy to find your ‘pawfect’ match.

Start making connections by sending messages to local borrowers or dog owners and get to know one another to see if you’d be a good fit. Then, once you’re ready you can arrange your first meet (or Welcome Woof) - we recommend a local park.

Before a dog is borrowed make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy, this can take time, a few meets and even house visits. Then… Share the love of dogs!

How much does BorrowMyDoggy cost?

You can join BorrowMyDoggy for free by signing up and creating your profile. With a basic membership you are able to search for local matches, receive messages and ‘like’ profiles. To start borrowing a dog you will need to subscribe to Premium membership. For borrowers the annual subscription fee is £12.99 a year.

If you’re an owner and would like a borrower to look after your dog, you will also need to subscribe to Premium membership. For owners the annual subscription fee is £44.99 a year. Included in this fee is a borrower membership, so you can borrow a dog for a playdate with your pup!

Is BorrowMyDoggy safe?

We take safety and security very seriously at BorrowMyDoggy, as we believe dogs are very special members of the family. Therefore, before BorrowMyDoggy members can speak to one another they must complete our verification process, which ensures members are who they say they are. 

All Premium members are also covered by Accident and Third Party Liability insurance in the very unlikely event of an incident. Additionally, members have 24/7 access to a Vet Line for support and advice, or if in an emergency

The BorrowMyDoggy community is built on trust and friendship - it’s all about getting to know each other really well before a dog is taken care of by another dog lover. It’s important that everyone is comfortable, just as you would do with a friend, family member, kennel or dog walker if they were looking after your dog for the first time. Everyone, including the dog, needs to feel happy and trust each other since every dog and person is different.

With all friendships, trust can take some time, so we always recommend exchanging a few messages before meeting in a local park or cafe for your first meet (or Welcome Woof) as we call it. As BorrowMyDoggy owner Kate said, "at no point was my borrower, Selene, a stranger. By the time that I decided Minnie was going to spend time alone with her, Selene was my friend".

How long can I borrow a dog for?

Each and every BorrowMyDoggy match is different, and it’s about finding the right fit for both owner and borrower. Some owners are looking for help with extra walks on an ad hoc basis, while others on a more regular basis or even holiday care.

Many borrowers join the BorrowMyDoggy community as they can’t have a dog of their own, this may be due to rental agreements, therefore some borrowers can often help owners in their own home or just for walks. 

We also often see families sign up to see if they’re ready for the responsibilities that come with dog ownership, therefore they may look to have a dog for an overnight stay or the weekend.

Whatever your circumstance, BorrowMyDoggy helps you connect with the right person or dog for you. Join the dog sharing community today and find your pawfect match!

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