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Many beaches in Cornwall welcome dogs all year round. 

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20 dog-friendly beaches in Cornwall you'll want to visit

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Are you off to Cornwall on a dog-friendly holiday this summer? Here are 20 of the most beautiful beaches to explore together...

There's nothing quite like watching your pup having fun at the beach, but it can sometimes be tricky to find beaches that welcome dogs in the summer months. Cornwall is no such place, and as one of the most dog-friendly areas in the UK, it offers many beaches that will welcome your pet all year round.

As certain beaches do have restrictions at particular times of year, it's always worth doing a bit of research before visting with your pet. The good news is that with over 200 miles of coastline, you won't have to leave your four-legged friend behind. 

Where can I find beaches in Cornwall that allow dogs? 

With its breathtaking coastline and countryside walks, Cornwall is a paradise for both dogs and humans. From north to south, there are a vast number of beaches to visit, one more stunning than the other. To help get you started in your search for the perfect summer spot, we've put together a list of some of the most beautiful beaches to visit with your dog. 

Dog friendly beaches in St Ives

St Ives offers lots of beautiful dog-friendly beaches that you can enjoy with your pet.

1. Bamaluz Beach

Located just below St Ives museum, is a sheltered and secluded beach that is often quieter than the main beaches visited by tourists. Welcoming dogs all year round with no restrictions, this is the perfect place for zoomies on the sand and wading in the water. 

2. St Ives Harbour Beach 

St Ives Harbour Beach offers easy access into the town of St Ives, so you can visit shops and restaurants after time on the sand. It allows dogs all year round, but only at certain times in summer months. Access is restricted to dogs between 10am and 6pm, from the 1st of July until the 31st of August. 

3. Lambeth Walk 

Smaller than other beaches in St Ives, Lambeth Walk is often overlooked by visitors to the area, possibly due to the fact that the beach almost disappears during periods of high tide! The beach is open to dogs without restriction, at all times of the year. 

Dog friendly beaches in south Cornwall

The south coast of Cornwall offers a number of beaches to explore with your canine companion. 

4. Polstreath Beach 

Polstreath is a sandy, sheltered beach, accessed via a coastal path from Megavissey. The climb is steep, but the natural, unspoilt beach you'll find at the end is worth it. Dogs are welcome all year round, with no restrictions. 

5. Hemmick Beach  

At the east end of Veryan Bay you'll find Hemmick beach, considered a hidden gem in south Cornwall. There are rock pools for your pup to play in, and dogs are welcome all year round. 

6. Par Sands Beach

As you may have guessed from its name, Par Sands Beach offers a wonderful stretch of white sand for your dog to run and play. There is easy access to the beach, with a car park located nearby. Dogs can visit the beach year round, without restrictions. 

7. Lantic Bay

With the national trust car park only minutes away, Lantic Bay offers fabulous views and lovely walking spots to enjoy. Dogs are welcome all year round. 

8. Gorran Haven Beach 

The sheltered beach of Gorran Haven is located in St Austell, south Cornwall. It welcomes dogs all year round, and with a small harbour, offers safe swimming and paddling for your dog off-lead. 

9. Nanjizal Beach 

Moving along the south east coast, you'll find Nanjizal beach, another hidden gem of Cornwall. Also known as Mill Bay, the beach offers spectacular scenery along the coastline. It's a sandy beach, with calm waters and golden sand. The beach is dog-friendly year round. 

Dog friendly beaches in Newquay

There are a number of beaches that welcome dogs in and around Newquay, but it's always worth checking on seasonal restrictions when working out which beach suits you best. 

10. Towan Beach

In the heart of Newquay, is Towan beach. With it's stretch of golden sand, this is a great choice for those with families... both four-legged and two. Towan beach allows dogs year round with no restrictions. 

11. Fistral Beach

Considered one of the best surfing spots in the UK, Fistral Beach is located around half a mile from Newquay. With sand dunes and access year round, Fistral Beach welcomes dogs. They can be off-lead, but must be kept under control at all times.  

12. Perranporth Beach

Known also as Perran Sands, Perranporth is one of the most popular beaches in Cornwall that allows dogs. A few miles west of Newquay, the beach offers great surfing, swimming and sailing. Dogs are welcome, but they must be kept on lead during July and August.

Dog friendly beaches near Looe

While Looe Beach itself may not allow dogs, there are many other stunning spots that welcome our four-legged friends. 

13. Talland Bay

A picturesque bay in south east Cornwall, Talland Bay is actually divided into two separate beaches. Both Talland Sands and Rotterdam beach offer crystal clear water, and access for dogs all year without restriction. 

14. Hannafore Beach

For stunning views of Looe Island, you'll want to visit Hannafore Beach. Offering rock pools and a nice stretch of sand, this is the perfect spot for your dog to run and play.

15. Plaidy Beach 

Just a short distance from Looe, Plaidy Beach is dog-friendly year round. With a mix of shingle and sand, you may even save time on the post-beach clean up. 

What beaches in Cornwall allow dogs with restricted access? 

Some beaches in Cornwall allow dogs but under certain conditions. Here's a list of them:

16. Crooklets Beach

In northern Cornwall, the small beach of Crooklets is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Dogs are permitted, but access is restricted between 10am to 6pm from the 15th of May to the 30th of September.

17. Porth Beach 

Positioned in the north of Cornwall, Porth Beach is a popular destination for families. Access for dogs is restricted in warmer months, with a ban between 10am and 6pm from the 15th of May until the 30th of September. 

18. Carbis Bay 

Just outside St Ives lies Carbis Bay, a wide sandy beach surrounded by cliffs. Dogs are allowed on this Cornwall beach year round, but between the 15th of May to the 30th of September they can only visit between 10am and 6pm.

19. Porthcurno Beach

Located between Land's End and Penzance, Porthluney Cove is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While dogs are allowed at certain times of year, there is a seasonal restriction in place meaning they aren't allowed to visit between 10am and 6pm, from the 1st of July until the 31st of August.

20. Kynance Cove 

Moving down towards Lizard, the most southernly point of the UK, you'll find Kynance Cove. Popular since the Victorian times for its turquoise water and white sand, this cove is reputed as one of the prettiest in Cornwall. Access for dogs is restricted from the 15th of May to the 30th of September, between 10am and 6pm.

What beaches ban dogs in Cornwall? 

While there are a great many beaches in Cornwall that welcome dogs, a handful of beaches do ban dogs year round. Charlestown, Pollurian Cave and Tolcarne do not allow dogs on the beach at any time of the year. Looe Beach also has a ban in place, but there is an exception in place for assistance dogs.

As you can see, there are many beautiful beaches that allow dogs in Cornwall. Whether your pup prefers digging in the sand or diving into the waves, you'll be spoilt for choice!

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