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When can you feel puppies move in a pregnant dog?

Pregnant English bulldog advice
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There is a lot that one can expect during a canine gestation. As the weeks go you know when you will be able to feel puppies move in a pregnant dog.

By Daniel Mar

If you have never had a pregnant dog before, then you don’t know how cute and tiring canine pregnancies can be. Indeed, quite a lot goes on at the same time. That is why you need to follow very closely the evolution of the pregnancy. Then, sooner rather than later, you know will be able to feel puppies move in a pregnant dog. For these reasons, this article will show you the evolution of the pregnancy week by week.

When can you feel puppies move in a pregnant dog?

Here you have a canine gestation calendar:

Usually, the approximate expectancy time for a dog’s pregnancy is 63 days. Nevertheless, this can vary by several days. Dog pregnancies last between eight to nine weeks. So, if you have a pregnant dog, use this canine gestation calendar to know exactly when your dog is due.

The following week-by-week calendar will show you when can you feel puppies move in a pregnant dog. The beautiful thing about this process is that you will be right there to see it happen.

Fertilization takes place in Weeks Zero-One

In this period of time, breeding takes place and within a few days, fertilisation occurs. You won’t be able to tell by yourself when the egg is fertilised by the sperm. So you must seek professional help.

Implantation of the egg in the uterus happens in Week Two

In this week, the fertilised egg will make its way to the uterus for the implantation phase. As of now, you can notice behavioural changes in your dog. These are the first signs of pregnancy! For example, your dog can get moody or hyper-affectionate.

Embryos begin to develop in Week Three

If you are wondering how long until you know for sure when you will feel puppies move in a pregnant dog, you just have to wait for a little longer! In this week, the embryos begin to develop. Your pet will show signs of mood swings, drastic appetite changes and the beginning of the breast development phase.

Foetuses form after Week Four!

In week four, foetuses can be seen in an ultrasound. At this point, your dog has been pregnant for at least 28 days. In the ultrasound, your vet can point out the formation of spinal cords and facial features. Also, your dog’s uterus will have filled with fluids to protect the newly formed foetuses. Only some weeks after, your vet will be able to indicate when you will be able to feel puppies move in a pregnant dog.

Sex organs appear in Week Five

Foetuses develop their sex organs at the start of week five. Likewise, they finally start to look like puppies! If an ultrasound is done, you can easily see leg buds and toes! Furthermore, your dog’s belly will look more swollen since puppies start to grow at a faster rate. At this point, you need to start serving smaller meals to your dog.

Puppies begin to get their coat colour in Week Six

As puppies continue to grow, the next step is pigmentation. Then, they form eyelids which will remain sealed until after birth. In this period, your pet will be more uncomfortable and may occasionally vomit due to the extra pressure to her stomach.

When can you feel puppies move in a pregnant dog? In Week Seven!

Now the puppies are well-developed and begin to attain the necessary size for birth. If you were still wondering when you will be able to feel puppies move in a pregnant dog, now is the time. If you are patient, you can see/feel the puppies’ movement in your dog’s abdomen. Also, her breast will finally develop. Now is the perfect moment to start searching or building the whelping box.

Puppies get their fur in Week Eight

Puppies finally get their fur after week eight. Also, you will continue to notice a lot of movement inside your dog’s belly. You need to know how to feel the puppies in a pregnant dog. Make sure you have the whelping box ready because your pet will start to look for a nesting place.

Whelping preparation in Weeks Eight to Nine

Now, the puppies are ready to come out! If your dog is ready to give birth, she can appear uncomfortable and very anxious. Follow the instructions of the video and take a rectal temperature every 12 hours. When the temperature drops below 36°C after two consecutive readings, labour is almost due!

How to care for your dog during gestation?

It is important to take great care of your dog during these nine weeks. For that, follow the next list of advice:

  1. Maintain a balanced diet. No need for additional vitamin supplements.
  2. If your dog feels hungrier as weeks go by, give her more food according to the quantity indicated by your vet.
  3. Add cottage cheese to evening meals to boost calcium intake naturally.
  4. Limit any strenuous activity during the first two weeks. Afterwards, your dog can resume her normal routine until her belly begins to grow.
  5. Veterinary check-ups throughout the pregnancy are very important.

Finally, you know exactly when you will be able to feel puppies move in a pregnant dog. Take into consideration all of this and get ready for when your own dog gets pregnant. However, ask your vet when is a female dog too old to breed beforehand.