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5 fluffy cat breeds

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Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the fluffiest cat breed of all? Cats are notoriously vain, but then looks are their main attribute. So owners need their cats to be attractive, and preferably nice to touch on those rare occasions when your pet permits it.

Fluffy cats usually require more grooming than those with a leaner hairstyle. But they are not necessarily more allergic, since allergies are generally caused by dander (skin flakes) rather than fur. That said, if your cat sheds hair all over the place, it is likely to drop dander around too. So you need to decide if it is worth the fuss.

Fluffy cat breeds: beyond the clouds

If you settle on a puffy cat breed, remember that you need to brush it every day for around five minutes. This includes those hard-to-reach (without getting scratched) areas such as its belly, tail, and legs. 
Different breeds may be more or less forgiving if you deviate from this schedule from time to time. But in the end, it’s you who’ll have to deal with matting problems if they arise. And shaving a cat is not as fun as it sounds.

Fluffy cat breed #1: The Ragdoll

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You get a lot of bang for your buck with a ragdoll. Fluffy as you like, the good news is that cuddling is relatively painless with this lazy critter. Pick the thing up, and it will just melt in your arms – like, say, a child’s rag doll. And like a child’s rag doll, then, it’s good with children.
It’ll also put in the hours around the house, since it’s probably a bit too naïve for street life. Keep the doors shut on this one, but be sure to play with it so it doesn’t get fat.

Fluffy cat breed #2: The Persian

Persian cat © Pixabay

The great thing about Persian cats is that you can find one that fits your sense of humour. If you need a serious cat, you can get a deluxe Persian with a sensible expression and plenty of showy hair. Or if you want a cat that is a) a little more entertaining to look at and b) looks a bit more like its actual personality, you can get one of those squishy-faced Persians that look like a deranged child drew them.
Anyway, your Persian fluffoid should have long and lovely fur and chatter away quite nicely when it wants you to do something for it. And who could ask for more from a life partner?

Fluffy cat breed #3: The Exotic shorthair

Exotic shorthair cat ©Pixabay

As long as we’re talking about ridiculous-looking but deliciously fluffy cats, let’s get this funny-looking fellow out of our system. The great thing about the exotico is that it is naturally ‘big-boned’ so you get a substantial amount of cat beneath its efficient short-yet-fluffy coat. You wanted a pillow? This cat is a pillow.
In fact, it’s not that much different from a Persian, as you’ll notice in its googly eyes and long-suffering frown. But its fur is much shorter, which can take some of the grooming pressure off.

Fluffy cat breed #4: The Somali

Somali cat ©Shutterstock

More exotic than the exotica shorthair, the Somali has fur like a dog, a fluffy cat tail, and a thick, regal neck that gives it the look of something between a retriever, a ferret, and a fox. But it’s a prettier creature than the previous couple of breeds mentioned, graceful, and available in more colours than a Lumia 435: sorrel, chocolate, blue, lilac, fawn, red, cream, various tortoiseshell varieties, and any of the above mixed with silver.
The only thing is, they’re quite hard to come by in the UK. If you’re interested in one of these lively and engaged beasts, it’s best to put your name down on a waiting list as soon as possible. And don’t get too hung up on your first choice of colour.

Fluffy cat breed #5: The Maine Coone

Maine Coone cat ©Pixabay

The Ozzy Osbourne of cats, the Maine Coone looks like it’s seen it all. With wild, unpredictable fur and a weigh-in of up to 18lbs, you won’t know whether to cuddle this beast or check it in for rehab.
Anyway, like Ozzy it’s a more or less affable creature. Watch out for mood swings as with any other cat – but it should slide right into your family like the weird uncle you never knew you needed.

Those are your keep options if you’re in the market for a fluffy cat. Don’t forget that fluffy dogs are also available.

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