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Here are 6 fun ways to celebrate your cat's birthday!

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Celebrating your cat’s birthday with these 6 fun activities

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Is your cat turning one year older? Why not throw him a birthday party? Your cat won't realise that this is a special day for him, but it's a good opportunity for you to celebrate your animal and why not invite other pets (and their humans) to celebrate at your house. Here are some ideas for hosting your cat's birthday party at home. Happy Birthday cat!

Is it your cat’s birthday? First of all: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you sweet cat, Happy Birthday to you!” 

Pet parents can be very involved when it comes to their pets' birthdays and/or adoption anniversaries - and why not? Not only do cats show us unconditional love and affection (if we are lucky…), they are part of the family and their birthdays should be celebrated! It's a great time to show some appreciation for your feline best friend.

If your cat's birthday is coming up and you're looking for fun ways to celebrate don't worry, feline friends. We've listed 6 fun activities you can do to throw an awesome pawty for your favourite furry family member. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, an adoption anniversary or the dead mouse they brought in last week (why not?), we’ve got all of it covered. No occasion is too small to celebrate with a cat party! So let the party begin!

How do I spoil my cat on its birthday?

How time flies! The little friend you adopted a few months or years ago is about to celebrate his birthday. So you want to prepare a birthday party for him! Ok, yes, your cat has no idea what this day means, so celebrating a birthday is a purely human concept. If your cat is not really friendly and doesn’t have many friends, that doesn't prevent you from devoting the day to their favourite activities. And above all, take the opportunity to remind your animal how important he is for you!

Make this day 100% about your pet.

6 Fun ways to celebrate your cat’s birthday

Celebrating your feline's birthday isn't just an excuse to party. It's a fun way to thank your best friend for his love and loyalty. This year, don't let the day go unnoticed. Show your cat how important he is to your family. Let’s see how you could celebrate your cat’s birthday in style.

Throw your cat a pawsome party

So let's assume that your cat has cat friends and that everyone is at home one afternoon. In that case, turn your living room into a giant playground! You could install cat tunnels to make it an adventure for all the cats, you can create a temporary fort out of pillows and blankets for the cats to play, you could build a cardboard house or tank and play military or you could hang a soft hammock for a well-deserved nap. Let your imagination speak.

Make sure you have activities planned for your human guests as well. But most of all, just have fun!

Get a present: ​​What to get a cat for their birthday?

In the human world, birthdays are synonymous with gifts. A homemade toy can be a fun and inexpensive way to show your cat that you love them. You can sew a toy using pieces of felt and stuffing. Or, you can make something very simple by rolling up a piece of foil. Your cat will love chasing this new toy.

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some ideas of homemade toys you could make:

You can also stop at a local supermarket or pet shop and buy toys for your cat. Try to find a variety of fun new toys that your cat will enjoy. Think about the toys your cat has enjoyed in the past. If your cat likes puzzle games, this may be a good option. This can be particularly enjoyable if you are often away during the day.

You can also encourage guests to bring in new toys, if they feel like it. You don't want to force anyone to give a gift, but some guests may want to give your cat a treat.

Bake a cat cake: How to make a cat birthday cake

Remember, chocolate is very bad for cats. On the other hand, a delicious tuna or beef flavoured dessert will delight your cat’s whiskers.

It's easy to make a cake for your cat. While your cat may not appreciate a sugar-laden birthday cake, you can make a cake with meat, treats and other things cats enjoy. Buy a tin of wet food from the supermarket. Choose a brand and flavour that your cat loves, but strong enough to hold the shape. Open the container, turn it upside down and let it slide onto a plate so that it holds the shape of a cake. Decorate the cake with other treats your cat likes. You can top it off with slices of turkey, or you can sprinkle your cat's favourite kibble or treats over the cake. That sounds delicious!

Pamper your cat

Your cat deserves to be spoiled everyday, but especially on its birthday. From the beginning to the end of the day, make an extra effort to make your cat feel loved. Here are a few inspiration to help you pamper your feline friend:

  • Put fresh blankets in your cat's bed
  • Pet your cat throughout the day
  • Let your cat climb onto your lap and cuddle with you all day
  • Watch a movie with your cat
  • Play for a longer time with your cat. You can encourage your pet to use their new birthday toys for example
  • Cats love looking out of the window, so if you clear a shelf, table or install a cat window perch, your feline would be so happy
  • You could also invest in a cat condo but this is a little bit more expensive. Your cat would love to have its own space outside to relax though. This could also be a great birthday present.

Give your cat catnip or its favourite treat

Your cat will love having special food and snacks for its birthday. If you're also having guests over, make sure you provide food and snacks for them too. Think of some nice cat-themed snacks you can give to your guests. And why not bake a cat in the shape of a cat?

Now, when it comes to your cat’s favourite treat, don’t you think on its birthday they could get more treats throughout the day, and if it's their favourite one, even better. You could also open a tin of tuna if your cat loves it.

Or you could also treat your cat to catnip. There are many ways to give catnip, including toys, catnip bubbles, or fresh leaves, and for an occasion as special as your cat's birthday, why not do it? Now, with that being said, it's important to keep in mind that not all cats react to catnip, while others can have quite intense reactions. If you've never given your cat catnip before, try spraying just a few drops on a toy or scratching post and see how your cat reacts.

Go on an adventure

If your indoor cat has never ventured outside, why not use its birthday as an excuse to try something new? You could take your cat to explore the garden, climb up a tree or even have a walk in a park. Make sure you have a suitable cat leash or harness, and try to choose an enclosed area away from other pets. Then get out and explore! Now, don’t force your animal into anything, if you feel your cat is reluctant to the harness, the lesh or even the idea of going outside, don’t force anything.

If your cat is used to an adventure, wearing a harness and a leash, treat your pet to a great location to venture.

After a birthday like that, your cat will be the happiest! Can't wait for his next birthday!

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