Can you find the camouflage expert hiding in this photo? Few can!

cat hiding in back garden cat-happy © LikeMag - Pinterest

Can you spot the camouflaged cat hiding in this picture that went viral? We'll give you a clue: the hard-to-find feline is staring right at you!

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Cats love a good game of hide and sneak. Although, in their case, it's more like a game of hide, little butt wiggle, and then pounce!

The back of sofas, behind curtains, and the top of cupboards are all perfect places to lie in wait for a passing pooch or unsuspecting human. Most cat owners will quickly figure out their feline's favourite hunting spots. Dogs, too, although it depends on how smart they are! 

Spot the cat

But even the most intelligent and sharp-eyed breed would struggle to spot the cat hiding in this picture that went viral across social media. Posted on Pinterest, it shows a normal-looking backyard. But somewhere in the picture, a cat lurks! Can you spot it? 

© LikeMag / Pinterest

Big congratulations if you found it. Your eyes are almost as good as a cat's prowling for mice after dark! And for those who gave up, here's where the kitty is hiding. 

© LikeMag / Pinterest

It was right there next to the wheelie bin. We told you it was peeking right at you. But don't worry: you weren't the only person caught out by this kitty. 

"I could have stared at the picture for a thousand hours, and I still wouldn't have found the furry guy," posted one viewer. "No way," wrote another. "That's one cunning cat. Who is it waiting for?!!"

Why do cats like to hide?

Cats hide away for several reasons. It's perfectly natural, especially when adjusting to unfamiliar environments, like a new home. Shy cats may hide away more than usual. It helps them feel safe.

Don't force a cat out of hiding. Let them enjoy their alone time. They'll come looking for a chin scratch when they're ready for one, which is usually around dinner time.

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