Watch: Strange animal seen wandering the forest with pack of wolves

pack of wolves in forest dog-wow © RDLPwOlsztynie - Youtube

Wolf experts have been debating what type of animal was wandering with a pack of wolves in Poland…and the consensus is incredible!

By Justine Seraphin

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A camera set up in the Wichorowo Forest District in Poland caught something incredible!

A mysterious black animal

A pack of wolves can be seen walking through the forest. All the wolves are grey, except for one, who has a beautiful black coat. So far, so normal right?

Well actually, the wolves in Poland aren’t black at all, which leads experts to believe that the animal seen in the video is in fact a wolf-dog hybrid. One expert even believes that based on the animal’s behaviour, it could actually be 100% dog!

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When you look closely, you can see that the animal in question is smaller than the others, and that his features are rounder too, so the theory that he’s a dog isn’t that crazy!

Nothing lasts forever

Experts are amazed that a dog could be accepted in a wolf pack, but it seems to be true!

Unfortunately, this situation cannot last. If the dog mated with a wolf, this could be detrimental to the wolf population in Poland. The hunt is on to find the mysterious dog…but we’re sure once he’s caught he’ll be well taken care of in an appropriate wildlife centre.

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