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Strange box is found atop building in Kiev: It’s contents cause a sensation!

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In times of chaos, pets are often left behind or lost. Thankfully, there are kind people around who are willing to help these poor souls!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the

Rescue services in Ukraine are currently overwhelmed with missions to complete. Yet, they didn’t hesitate for a single second when they were called to the small town of Borodianka, close to Kyiv.

A difficult rescue

Animal lover Eugene Kibets had called rescue services after he’d spotted a cat inside a destroyed building. It was impossible to access the building because of how heavily it’d been hit - only special rescue services with long ladders could access it.

The cat was all the way up on the 7th floor, and though he had been taking refuge in a cardboard box, he’d had nothing to eat or drink for days.

A happy ending

Thankfully, the rescue workers were able to get a hold of the cat and bring him back down to safety. He was quickly taken to a vet clinic where he is now receiving all the treatment and loving care he needs.

Thank goodness for kind people like Eugene who don’t forget about those who can’t help themselves!

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